Tuesday, December 22, 2009


(We need a little Christmas).

D$ and I are headed to my hometown for the holidays, until January 5th.

This means that the kitties will have full range of my clothes drawers and there may not be any posts for the next couple weeks.

No one in my family knows about this blog. In fact, I haven't told anyone but D$ and he is sworn to secrecy. (Turns out that is easy because he doesn't read it).

I have a huge family and we are...insistent. On constant interaction. I doubt that there will be any time when I am at a computer by myself. To be blunt: my older sister and I are really close and perhaps marginally obsessed with each other. Whenever we are in the same city she basically crawls up my ass and takes residence there.* ** So it is really not feasible that I would have time to write because she would see what I was doing I don't want to tell her about the blog, at least not yet.

I wish you the best possible holiday season. I'll be back after the New Year with tales of a first married Christmas.

*Figuratively, people!

**Don't worry. My sister and D$ get along really well, so he doesn't mind her presence. When we talk on the phone my sister will usually end the conversation with "Tell D$ I love him" or "Tell D$ I love him more than you," or some such nonsense.

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