Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sometimes you get the bear...

...and sometimes you flood the bathroom when you leave the sink on and walk away while attempting to hand wash your sweaters.

Shit. I was so goddamn proud of myself for actually washing my sweaters.

Monday, December 20, 2010


So...yesterday morning when I published that last post I was finally enraged and confused enough by how skinny my blog was on the computer screen to see if I could change it. Turns out blogger has templates? Whaaa?? 

Thank you, Blogger for probably having 12-year old computer geniuses locked up in a basement somewhere reading hipster home design blogs all day. Thank you for having those 12 year-olds create templates that look and feel original but are really just mass-produced to look like all the other blogs of the people in my demographic. That was a real help to me, because being original about this would have been a real pain in my ass. 

As you may have noticed, I changed the blog look a little. This was done in keeping with the way that I created, and have maintained, this little slice o'the internet. By that I mean I made the change after less than five minutes of looking at options and even less time of thinking about details, or the consequences, or what I actually wanted.

We'll see how long it lasts. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh hai

Did you know that they make Charlie Brown Christmas Trees in XL?

Apparently when you actually get your tree from the woods it doesn't look like the trees on the tree farms. Yes, this was news to me.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you expect me to do something more productive than cuddling this month? You'll have to wait on that.

Monday, December 6, 2010


D$ is defending his dissertation in January. This means that, starting about a week ago, he has been deep in the throes of Physics Brain 24-hours a day. He works all day, thinks about work all evening, and several nights this week has ended up sleeping on the couch because he can't stop tossing and turning and thinking about physics during the night.

Now it is clearly my duty to be supportive here. The man has worked hard and is almost at the end of a really important goal. He deserves all the support I can give him. If the roles were reversed I would be visibly stressed, probably crying regularly and requiring a lot of care from D (meals, tolerance for bitchiness, etc.). D$ would supply these things abundantly.

Buuuut D$ doesn't get stressed like that. He doesn't get grumpy and still makes most of our meals. In fact a friend was in town last night and we all had dinner that he helped make. The only thing that D$ requires is that I tolerate his total distraction about everything in the world (including me). Unfortunately, being tolerant is not really one of my virtues. Neither is patience.

We've had several conversations where I talked and talked and he basically grunted in response. I think I actually caught him purposefully looking away from my naked body when I was getting in bed the other night. (Either that or he simply didn't notice, which, hello, that is worse!)

In my heart of hearts, being ignored like this makes me batshit insane. "Why am I invisible? Is he bored of us? Is my naked body boring? GAHHHH PAY ATTENTION TO ME! "

Obviously that response is totally unwarranted and childish and I'm working to keep in under wraps.* In fact, after I post this I am leaving the house for the day so that D$ has the space to work and I don't run the risk of bothering him every hour (which I will unfailingly do).  Part of writing this is to remind myself that a) all of this is simply a symptom of the upcoming dissertation defense and b) no my marriage is not failing and c) seriously, self: get over it and be supportive already.

I can do that...right?

*Except for, you know, posting in on the internet.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Call the Goddamn Presses

Over a year after breaking our old one while on our honeymoon, D$ and I have (gasp!) purchased a new camera.

This is part of the reason we were over budget last month (although mostly we just like to tell ourselves that). It was also our Christmas present to ourselves.

It is just a fancy point-and-shoot - we can't afford (and don't deserve since neither one of us knows jack about photography) a digital SLR. Whatever. The camera arrived today and I ran straight home and took this photo of my living room. At 7 pm in the winter. Without flash. Also, without cleaning my living room or even taking off my coat.

Isn't she lovely? Yes, I mean both the photograph and my living room. And Oscar the Couch, who is excellent for napping and book reading.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bills, Bills, Bills,

D and I went over last month's spending on Sunday (without fighting!).

We overspent on gifts, booze groceries, clothing, and "beauty"*.

We underspent on paying our credit cards, household supplies (read: mopping solution) and almost everything else.

What can I say? We luuuuv the finer things, dah-link.

*This is because I forgot to tell D that we need to budget $100/monthly for hair removal so that I don't get mistaken for Bigfoot and end up in the National Enquirer.