Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kitten emergency (not the good kind)

Uncle Fester helping D$ with a little plumbing problem we had earlier this week

Uncle Fester is at a kitty hospital right now. 

We're not sure what happened. We think he tried to jump onto the ledge by our stairs*, missed, and ended up throwing himself down a half story onto the wooden steps.** 

That isn't what we thought at first. Last night we came home to a cat that was favoring his hind leg and bleeding a little. It was 1 a.m. He wasn't crying, he came downstairs to greet us and he was moving pretty well so after frantically googling pet hospitals we decided it would be best to clean his leg up and go to the vet in the morning. I thought he'd scraped his leg on something or got his toe caught in the (motherfucking) curtains I'd been hemming all day. 

At noon we found out he'd ruptured the kitty version of his Achilles tendon. 

8 hours and another hospital later*** we were told our options.

If we're lucky the tendon can be sutured and Uncle Fester will spend 6-8 weeks looking adorable in a cast. 

If we're not lucky (and it's looking like we aren't lucky) Uncle Fester will spend the rest of his life looking adorable while missing a hind leg. 

And so, Internet, I beseech you:  may all the adorable powers of all the kitten videos in all of the world please combine to be with Uncle Fester tomorrow. And also with D$, who is completely and utterly wrecked. And, maybe, also with me, who is trying very very hard not to be wrecked. 

*Yes, in our new house. We've moved. I'm not feeling particularly thrilled about it at the moment, for obvious reasons. 
**Jesus, picturing this makes me want to die. But I can't stop picturing it
**Word to the wise: try not to let your animals injure themselves on a holiday week. Our veterinarian was wonderful about calling around but the only surgeon in town couldn't examine Fester until after 7 pm so we just had to leave him at the animal hospital that whole time. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear This Week: you suck.

  • My step-mom's cancer is back again with a really scary prognosis

  • Our house closing was delayed again. And again. The move we had scheduled is not going to happen.

  • Brandon Roy is retiring??

Your mom, This Week. YOUR MOM.