Friday, November 5, 2010

I don't even LIKE that song

I'm on my own for the weekend - D$ is driving up to Washington to see a friend and I elected to stay home. Although I didn't really mean for this to happen I have planned a very stereotypically "girly" Saturday: massage-getting, face-waxing and shopping.

But that isn't even the reason I am writing this post. Nope, I am writing this post to tell you how Katy Perry (who I sorta hate) transformed my evening.

The afternoon started like this: volunteered for a few hours, went to happy hour with a friend, had a glass of wine, no biggie. Friend and I part ways and I'm feeling good but fairly low-key. Then I get in the car and as I drive back across town to my house Teenage Dream comes on the radio. Instead of changing the station...I turn it up a little. Aaaaand then I turn it up a lot. Suddenly, boosted by the wine and the weekend ahead of me and the suddenly-catchy teenage joy of the song I am singing at the top of my lungs and shaking my ass in the seat. When I have to stop at a light and pull up to another car I purse my lips and drums my hands while bursting with the desire to sing and shimmy and I will the light to change before the song ends. It doesn't, and the next song sucks, but the energetic mood sticks enough so that I appease myself with "Rocket Man" from the Oldies station until I get home. (Not the same vibe at all, but you can really belt out that chorus. Plus you can imagine Shatner's spoken word version, which makes the whole experience that much better).

I don't think I am ever happier than when I am car dancing alone. Here's to weekends by yourself when you need them, to tinted windows, and to pop music.*


*Shout out to the little lady I e-mailed today who once, with me and my sister, stopped the in the middle of nowhere simply to pump up the car volume and dance in the middle of the road.
**Amazing Cat GIF from Jezebel's Cat GIF Party


  1. A fellow car dancer? Hooray!! I love those moments where the "right" song comes on.

  2. Those cats are literally the best thing I have ever seen. I totally know what you mean- I cannot stand the song "hey soul sister" or whatever it is called, but EVERY time it comes on, I find myself belting it out at the top of my lungs before I'm like "Hey! I don't even like this!" Sometimes they just sneak up on you.

  3. Awesome post!! I love when those moods strike and they're sometimes so random and out of the blue. The same thing happened to me last week with Party in the USA. No really. Miley freakin' Cyrus, who I kinda loathe.

  4. @Izzybella. Miley Cyrus completely loathesoeme, but Party in the USA is the fucking JAM. I love that song.

  5. Why am I so obsessed with terrible pop mostly that includes lyrics I find completely unacceptable socially and morally? I don't know, but I AM.

  6. Um, Party in the USA is my ringtone. *hangs head in shame*

    @MWK- I don't know if you watch Glee, but Teenage Dream by the all-male acapella group totally changed that song for me!