Sunday, January 1, 2012

In the clink

The crime: unauthorized base jumping

The time: 8 weeks

Uncle Fester is home with us. His hind leg is still intact and wrapped in a hefty cast. I wouldn't say he's happy, but he's already asking for head rubs. 

Thanks are due to you and the powers of internet kitties everywhere. 


  1. Oof! Naughty kitty, causing you all that worry. No more base jumping in 2012, Uncle Fester!

  2. Hah! What a pogo-leg. You should sit him down and have a come-to-Jesus talk about some new resolutions in the new year.

  3. YAAY! He even looks cute behind bars!

  4. @one soul: I know, and the worries aren't over. I like how the vets are all: just keep him in this kennel and make sure he has lots of water and doesn't get his bandage wet OR ELSE. Oh, yes, okay! Easy peasy, then.
    @BIP: Well, we already had one tough love talk. I informed him that yes, I love him very much but I spent a lot of goddman money on this house and am not about to let him ruin my guest room so he better straighten up and keep his damn pee in the litter box.
    @shannon: I know. His stupid sad little face. Arg.

  5. Awwww bless - your cat looks like one of our ones - we have 3 :) xo

  6. @Kiki and Lala: Hi! Tuxedo kittehs unite!