Monday, February 22, 2010

I love my alma mater

We just got a piece of mail from the small liberal arts school where both D$ and I went to college (and where we met).

I recently submitted a photo of our wedding to the "Class Notes," and they must have used that information to list us as married in their files, because they sent us one mailing addressed to both of us.*

This level of efficiency would be impressive all by itself, but. But! Not only are they proving themselves to be well organized and saving paper, but they put both of our names correctly (keeping my last name instead of assigning me his).

And! And and and and: my name was listed as Ms. MWK.

Oh yea that's right - I went to a feminist undergraduate institution.

*They also called D$ on Valentine's day to ask for money - apparently they were calling all the married couples that both went to our school. I think that is pretty freaking cute and sort of genius.


  1. We obviously did NOT go to the same school.

  2. Where was this place? I think I need to send my daughter there... (Feel free to put the answer in an email. xx)

  3. That is really cool. I get made fun of a lot for insisting on Ms. NOT Mrs.