Saturday, October 2, 2010


D$ and I are having a housewarming party next weekend, and today we are cleaning the carpets (an exciting life, I know).

We were discussing whether or not we wanted to move the bookshelves* in order to clean and had the following conversation:

MWK: Do you want to take the Star Trek Encyclopedia off of the main bookshelf for when we have people over?

D$: No, I'm totally comfortable with it being there. If people are going to judge...let them judge me for being awesome.

*We have three bookshelves in our living room and still need one more.


  1. Man, I love your husband.

    Also, we dream of a having a library, one day. Floor to ceiling books, ladders, wood panelling and all. Sigh.

  2. @agirl: Oh absolutely. Would you have the ladder on a slidey-thing so you could slide all over the room? That would be awesome, but you wouldn't be able to have me over because I would break it by trying to see how fast I could zoom around the room.

  3. thats amazing. i love the name of your blog so i am just stopping by to say hello. our bookshlves are covered with superhero coffee able books so I totally understand :)

  4. "let them judge me for being awesome."

    love it.

  5. @Lisa: did you KNOW that you are making me feel better about something I worry about (the name of the blog, not my nerdy husband). Thank YOU.