Friday, October 8, 2010


The housewarming party is tomorrow and are pitifully unprepared. Laundry is piled on the couch, we have NO food or booze and it looks like someone threw up all over our kitchen cabinets. What I am doing today, my day off before the party? Going to the gym, the doctor, and the hair-cutting lady (thank god for that, my hair has been particularly heinous for the last several weeks). Oh, and to get some vacuum bags.

Tonight we clean. Tomorrow D$ makes a triple batch of Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes while my mom and I pick flowers and hit up Costco for vittles.

In other news: I think I am slowly building up a reputation at work for being the girl who chair-dances in her cubicle while listening to headphones. Whatever - I can't help it if Omarian, Lil' Jon, Fabolous (and Mariah, of course) get my productive juices flowing. I did have to suppress a wild fit of giggles when "Get Low" came on the other day - that song is so very NSFW. And so very against how I feel the world should be. And yet: so awesome.


  1. irish car bomb cupcakes. holy crap i want those.

    and dancing with headphones is totally fine. i sing in mine. (very softly of course) :)

  2. Dancing with headphones should be obligatory especially if you are doing something where you are expected to be working, making your way through the airport or on the subway :)Same for singing and shoulder dancing the the car. Highlight of my day! Have a fab party.