Friday, February 25, 2011

Conversations at our house, Sister edition

When D$ was on his epic post-PhD cross-country trip he stopped for a few nights in LA and stayed with my sister. Apparently one of the nights they were out bar-hopping when she made some sad-sack comment about how she is going to be an old maid forever, bla bla bla. D$ told her to shut the f*ck up and stop being so ridiculous. About a week after he got back they had the following text message conversation.

Big Sis: I know you think I'm going to die an old maid, but I just wanted to let you know that I have three* in rotation right now.

D$: I believe it was you who thought you'd die an old maid. I am just worried that you will die of syphilis before you get that chance.

Big Sis: That's a fair point.

*Three men. Men love my sister and my sister loves men. 
**Dolly is far too classy to be an old maid or to EVER have an STD. She is one class act. This photo, however, is from one of the best movies of all time, which happens to be about Burt Reynolds and some whores.None of those whores had syphilis either because they were also classy ladies.  


  1. Hahahahaha - it's great that your man and sister have that kind of relationship!

  2. LOL - I love it. Sister + Husband love is a great thing.

    I apologize for not having realized you're been writing. Terrible blogfriend.

  3. i <3 your conversation snippets.

  4. @blind irish pirate (and everyone else): are you KIDDING? I am the worst blogfriend OF ALL TIME. Ever.