Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living the Dream

So you may have guessed that D$'s return to Portland and my total defection from the blog world are at least marginally related. You would be right. Here's a brief update.

Having him home is both awesome and infuriating. I'm not gonna lie - at first I was all snuggle-demandy and lovey-dovey-goo-goo and up in D$'s business. There was a lot of face-touching, people. It was serious love time in our apartment.

But then the work week started and I kept coming home from work and the house wasn't exactly the way I left it.  The man left piles of his stuff everywhere and kept forgetting to eat the cake I made him. Turns out I had gotten really used to having total control over my environment (this will not be at all surprising to anyone who knows me in real life). I had to work very hard not to nag.

Now we are pretty much back to normal. I've gained back all the weight I lost working out all the time and eating the same food every day. The bedcovers are infuriatingly messed up but I come home to a decent meal most nights. The cats have almost forgiven us and demonstrated their total preference for D$ over me. We are finally caught up on episodes of Psych.

Also, Dr. D$ is living the post-PhD dream. This means that that he grew a beard and is brewing beer.

I like the beard but do you have any idea how messy beer-making is??


  1. Oh gawd...brewing beer is both fun (and tasty) and a total mess! I did it for a while and it's all fun and games until a capped bottle decides to blow up. It's a fun hobby though, and great for gift-giving. Happy to hear things are getting back to normal!

  2. Haha!! This was a great post. I'm glad things are back to normal. But curious, is making beer less expensive than buying beer??? I mean if you factor in the mess and all?

    My idea of beer making is climbing in the car and driving to my local liquor store to pick up the main ingredients: namely the beer.

  3. @Carrie Dee: he is brewing in very small kegs...he calls them cornelius kegs? Which means that we not have a mini-fridge kegerator in our bathroom. IF that blows up we are totally screwed.
    @Izzybella: you and I have roughly the same idea of what beer-making entails. I mean, i live in Portland, why make beer when I am surrounded by microbrews? Whatever, he's happy.

  4. Ha! I have this every week. Delighted with the husband's return on a Friday evening, only to be peeved by Sunday evening when I realise that piles of junk abound everywhere. Or at least, that my piles of junk have been shifted around in ways I'm not entirely happy with. I've grown accustomed over time, but it was funny to hear you write of it. :)

  5. Ah, cohabitation. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

    (I'm happy you're back together.)