Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conversations at our house, Springtime edition

I'm all about Beautimuse this week (this is her header). I hope Diana Murphy isn't mad. 

Yes, D$ and I have had a tough few weeks, but there have also been times when things felt normal. Lest you think our home is a sad-sack factory, I give you this (from the day after a particularly difficult conversation):

MWK: The cherry blossoms on X street are gorgeous today! Attaches photo with new fancy smart phone. 

D$: You are my cherry blossom on X street. 

MWK: Um...thanks?

D$: You are welcome my little tulip.

MWK: Now I am just confused about my flower identity.

D$: Like the stargazer lily that blossoms in the sun, you seem to be having an existential crisis. 

D$: Do not despair. I shall love you floral time. 



  1. I lol'd. "Floral time" was good.

  2. Ha! Love it. Floral time is clever. I'm impressed.

  3. Wow, those are like dad-caliber bad puns.

  4. Awesome punnage. My husband would LOVE your husband.

  5. ahahahahahahhahaa! Sorry, but that was some above average punning.

  6. ... all I am thinking about right now is some creeptastic lyric from one of Third Eye Blind's later songs that sounds very much like the blooming of the rose is like the blooming of her *ahem*. So... good job for D$ in not getting mixed up in genitalia references, huh?

  7. @Becky: if punning is the main prerequisite for Dad-dom than D$ is fully prepared for fatherhood.
    @blinf irish pirate: eeew! Good for him, indeed.