Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So here we go

Hello, internets.

How does one start the very first blog post of one's very first blog? Does one introduce oneself, even though one knows that there are no readers (mostly because one has hidden the blog from view)?

I guess I'll just jump right in. After a year and a half of reading (the awesome and non-panic-inducing) wedding blogs and developing secret crushes on the wise wedding ladies of the internet I got married a little less than two months ago. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, I fancied myself a writer in earlier years, but I have always hesitated. I wasn't sure what to write about, or to whom I would be writing, or if it all wasn't just a little bit silly. But since the wedding, since starting out in the brave new world of married life, I have been feeling the urge to write more and more. Because there is all this talk about weddings and not as much about marriages. And so far I think that marriage is pretty darn great, and definitely worth thinking and writing about. I've heard that the first of marriage is one of the most difficult, and frankly I'm prepared for that. If it is then I wanna talk about it - really think about what makes it so difficult and how my husband and I can work through it together and come out on the other side hand in hand.

And if it isn't hard, well then I would like to gloat. (I kid!)


  1. I am really excited to read your blog! I, too, have been reading the wise wedding lady blogs of A Practical Wedding et. al for the last six months and am delighted that some "wedding graduates" are actually talking about marriage now. Having been married for almost one month, I'm looking forward to what other newly married's have to say. Happy blogging!

  2. Thank you for starting! I too am married with a kitten and muddling along working things out. And I'm a bit tired of reading about weddings and wondering what the hell everyone does afterwards that doesn't involve babies. Very much looking forward to what else you've got to say!