Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Partial Victories

Things I got done this evening (from the list I scratched on a piece of junk mail right next to last night's to-do list):

  • Made myself something to eat*
  • Walked to the bank (in flip-flops!)
  • Emptied and re-filled the dishwasher
  • Made lunches for tomorrow
  • Shaved my bikini line** (tmi??)
  • Caught up on blog-reading while whitening my teeth
  • Finally started reading nerdy book about Thrones, Games of (this will happen in approximately five minutes)

Things I did not get done:
  • Writing a pithy, hilarious and thought-provoking blog post 

Seven out of 8 ain't bad, right?


*Okay, so it was a peanut butter and honey sandwich. So what? It was DELICIOUS.
**I'm budgeting out the waxing these days because I want to buy work shoes and I'm out of my fancy shampoo and hair goop. Price of beauty, I tell ya. 


  1. ALWAYS pithy, hilarious and thought-provoking. Especially of thoughts such as: 'Why have I never tried peanut butter and honey? Genius combination!' Or 'I'll go bankrupt or full on bush, but I'm never trusting my bikini line with anyone other than my new French waxer (Waxist? Waxologist? Waxician? What she does is like magic), not even myself.' And 'I need new flip flops.' See? Eight out of eight, I tell you. Amazing.

  2. I'm laughing here, so count it a full 100% day.

  3. any post about that mentions the hoo-hoo area is considered a good post in my book.

    i have strange standards. :)

  4. Yeah, I hear ya . . . but cutting back on the waxing ain't happening for me. No, seriously, my hair literally revolts if anything resembling a razor comes near it.

  5. @agirl and kimberly: I prefer Waxician. I also love my Waxician and hate giving it up but D$ can't understand the expense of it. He is neutral about the whole thing, which I half respect and half think is annoying cause if he cared more I could put it in our joint budget. I very well go right back to waxing and take it out of some other budget item, depending on how my crotchal area reacts to last night's shenanigans.
    @shannon: loving the hoo-ha isn't strange!
    @BIP: well good.

  6. And by shenanigans I mean shaving, not sexxxxy times.

  7. I'm with Shannon. Also, I'm glad not to be alone on lawn-maintenance budget conversations with the hubby. A couple years ago I decided to go DIY with a wax pot and lots of cheap muslin. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Leave that $hit to professionals is all I have to say.