Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do my work for me!

D$ and I mostly use our smart phones to send each other photos of the cats

You guys, my brain is empty. I think about y'all often and wonder how you are doing. As I'm falling asleep or driving to work I maybe compose a post in my brain (or a few sentences of a post) but it's gone before I get to a computer. In fact, I've been avoiding computers all together (forgive the lack of comments on your blogs recently). I think it might be that I'm really into reading books right now. Or the fact that it is sunny and D$ and I are having fun all the time or that my sister moved back into town.  

Alas, my blog traffic counting machine tells me that basically no one is reading this anymore and I'd better get cracking if I want to maintain any readers at all. 

Since I can't muster anything good to say, I'm going cheap. I'm opening myself up for questions. Sure, only 2.5 people read this blog and sure, they probably have never thought about me more than the time it takes to wonder why my cats like armpits so much. Yes, maybe it is totally arrogant and weird to invite the Internet to ask you questions. But hey: it's almost a holiday weekend and I'm throwing in the towel.

So, get crackin' on question-asking in the comments. Be creative. Just remember that I'm trying to be anonymous, so if you ask something about personal information I will either not answer it or lie profusely. 

Also, if you ask "Why can't you learn to use commas correctly?" I will cry. So don't ask that. 


  1. I'm not so sure I have a good question for you (YET), but I had to say that my smart phone photos are almost exclusively of my cats. So I'm with you. :)

    Glad you're out and enjoying summer and not stuck behind a computer all the time. It's a good reason to get behind on blogging. For realzies.

  2. Did you wrap your cat in a sweater or did you find her like that? :)

  3. What is something you'd change if you could, and why?

  4. Yes, what are you reading? I'm reading NOT PSYCHIATRY TEXTBOOKS, WHOO-FRICKING-HOO!

    Also, it's SUMMER. The internet fucking sucks in summer. Summer is all about real life. I wrote a post the other day that got all of TWO comments. I shan't be bothering again till autumn. :)

  5. I'll probably cry if you answer this, but what is the temperature right now? How lovely is Oregon summer? I'm already melting and there are still three months of these crazy oven-like conditions. boo.

  6. I only have a regular phone, but it has a camera and the pictures that I've saved are almost exclusively of Foxxy. Also, enjoy your summer- we'll be here when you get back :)

  7. Oh, jeez.

    "Have you ever though about the world being made out of cheese?"

    "What's with the attitude?"

    "If you could have one thing in the whole world would it be
    a. a Ukulele
    b. a panther
    c. Ryan Reynold's tighty whiteys"

    "If you ever worked in a chicken house... well HAVE YOU?"

    "Make up acronyms out of these, and then I'll tell you what they mean, that's fun right?:



  8. Oh, that's kind of fun. I want to steal your idea. I'll give you credit for it, promise!!