Monday, August 29, 2011

Vacation interlude

You know how some people go on vacation and schedule guest posts from their awesome bloggy friends so that people don't lose interest in their blogs while they are gone?

Well. I go on vacation and while on vacation I guest post on other people's blogs while ignoring my own blog just as much as I normally do. It's a special skill I have. I like to call it "doing things backwards."

Which is to say: I'm over at Jehara today writing about a book you should read. Also, oral sex.

You should probably check it out.*

*Sorry I can't link to the specific post because I am scheduling this in advance and will be riding a whale when the post on Jehara actually goes live. Look for a post on August 29th. 


  1. Nice, nice. See, I think I should just have other people write my blog for me. 1) More interesting content. 2) More visitors. 3) It's not exactly like I'm posting too much anyway.