Monday, October 31, 2011

Business Trippin'

Y'all, I'm on a business trip.

As I type I am sitting in a king-size bed watching cable while browsing the internet. Earlier I used the "fitness center" and then ate dinner on the state's dime. It's fancy times over here.

Tomorrow: free raisin bran and dehydrated eggs!


  1. Oh my. I'm guessing Hampton Inn. Am I close? Earlier this spring, I stayed in the coolest hotel in Chicago that catered to business travelers. They had nice ergonomic desks, proper lighting and free water bottle stations around every corner. I don't know that water bottles are necessarily linked to business traveling, but I really liked them. Enjoy those dehydrated eggs, lady! ;)

  2. I sometimes miss business trips. But at one point, I was traveling nearly 50% of the time. Then dehydrated eggs get old! ;)


  3. @thebluemuse: close, but no cigar!
    @Shannon: this is mildly fun, but I'd much rather be home for sure. I don't think I could do this too much more.