Friday, October 7, 2011

Grind that Pony

I'm gonna go ahead and quote Jezebel and tell you that you're gonna need to be canceling your plans for the rest of the day. You'll be watching Beyonce's new video on repeat and basking in its colored-leotard-high-ponytail-quad-drums dance fest.

Sigh. I'll have to apologize to my arriving friends for not getting the house clean. They'll understand.

EDIT: Apparently she says "Grind up On It" instead of "Grind That Pony." I seriously thought that "Grind that Pony" was a new hot dance craze involving swinging your ponytail around (which, to my credit she was doing while she sang it). In fact, I think it is a better lyric, and should be the new hot dance craze. I'm singing it my way from now on.


  1. I can't see the video cause I'm at work, but this Countdown, no? I LOVE that song. And totally thought she grind that pony, too. Now I'm excited to watch this later.

  2. Hey. Hey. Imma let you finish, but, Beyonce is, like, the best dancer, like, evah. EVAH.

    I think that parts of her body are disconnected and double jointed. Case in point: her neck. How the heck...?!

    However, I sometimes don't get the baby-doll look she's giving the camera. It reminds me too much of Tyra Bankes and her infantile ways. Sorry, did I just analyze this too much?

  3. I'm obsessed with this now. Though trying to figure out - was it filmed in two parts, before and after pregnancy? Cause in some bits there's definitely a bump, and in others, she has a tiny waist. I'm confused, but I like it.

  4. ALSO, her pregnant jugs are MESMERISING. Oh my dairy me. Lady knows how to work 'em.

  5. @agirl: I had the same thought! Her waist in the all-black outfit is teensy. I'm guessing it was filmed in two parts.
    @BIP: Yea, she is totes Smizing a few times, which is unfortunate. I like the last shot, though - she looks so sweet and natural faced (although I'm sure she's wearing a shit-ton of makeup).

    Also, I heard that she may have stolen some stuff for this video from a different choreographer. Sadface.

  6. I've been doing some research...

    The director of her music video says it was filmed over a couple months. Which makes sense re the evolving belly.

    And they referenced a beautiful piece of avant-garde, modern dance (though Beyonce herself doesn't seem to know that, calling it "Flashdance' style in an interview posted on MTV - whoops!). de Keersmaeker seemed not to mind too much in her press release, and hello! Consider how many people are now being exposed to Rosas Danst Rosas who would never have even heard of it before! (Like me! I really want to see it in person now.) And Beyonce's videos very often reference some pop icon or other, and there's ALWAYS a controversy. (Like Single Ladies and Bob Fosse.) Never gets old.

    Ahem. Back to some actual useful stuff now...

  7. @agirl: Oh thank god, now I can go back to loving her unconditionally again. It's good I have you around to do actual research into these things instead of just repeating what I heard my girlfriend read off of a gossip blog.