Monday, November 16, 2009

Now I feel sheepish (baaa).

So as you all probably already know, Meg has asked a whopper of a question today.

Q: Your Marriage: What do you want, what do you fear? Or, What kind of marriage do you want to have?

I was going to try and answer here, but that felt like cheating off of her to make my own blog post (I have total fears of being an asshole on the Internet without meaning to). And I was completely unsure how to answer.

But the question comes at a good time for me because, as noted, I've been in a total funk about my life lately, and I'm realizing how ridiculous I was acting. I went out with a bunch of friends on Saturday night and realized that two of them are going through either separations or divorces right now. One of these women is the most friendly, engaged, and all-around good natured people I have ever met- and I realized as we all celebrated and danced that she has been that good natured and friendly and fun to be around while her marriage is in crisis. And I, who have nothing to complain about besides an obnoxious supervisor and too much homework, have been a scowly pain in the ass for weeks. When I got home that night I grabbed the hubs and took him to bed. And then later told him that I felt like a spoiled brat and that I will try and realize how damn good I have it (in all things, not just my marriage).

But...I have to think more about Meg's question before I commit anything to writing here.

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  1. I too try to be more like your friend. Prior to re-starting blogging I had spent ages in a funk that was just about work. It's just work! The rest of my life was great! What a waste!

    Anywho... You're not the only sheep around here.

    (And you're not being an internet-boor as far as I can tell... Mind you, I'm only vaguely up on the social niceties myself.)