Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear The Nest Magazine: Newsletter Edition

Dear The Nest Newsletter:

Did you REALLY just send me an e-mail (to my junk e-mail address, I am not stupid enough to let you have my real e-mail address) titled "Are you in a Sex Rut?"


Are you really going to go with that stereotype-laden email to your newlywed populous you heinous monsters?

For the record, Nest Magazine, my sex life is just fine. But thanks for putting the possibility that it isn't fine into the minds of all the poor saps that think your magazine is important. By titling your e-mail that all you are doing is buying into the stereotype that once people get married their sex lives shrivel. What is wrong with you, Nest Magazine? If I open that Newsletter, will I get a Cosmo-style tip to put a scrunchy somewhere naughty to "spice things up?" Who even wears scrunchies anymore?




  1. You know, I want to ask about the scrunchy thing... but then again, not really. Don't tell me. :)

    I've been enjoying your blog, btw. I'm even newer to blogging than you, but isn't it fun to make all these new friends?

  2. Ha - Check out any Cosmopolitan Magazine from the last ten years for the scrunchy thing. Other than that I have no details.

    Last night I was trying to figure out what made me so annoyed about that, and I came up with this: I feel like the "how is your sex life" thing is just another way to make people (read: women) feel like there is a way their lives, marriages, weddings "should be." Like there is a right answer and if we aren't all doing it that way (no pun intended) than there is something wrong and we should probably freak out. And there is a great post on A Practical Wedding right now (Brave Marriages, I think) that perfectly spells out why that is just. so. wrong.

    And yes: yay for new friends, internet- based or otherwise