Friday, March 19, 2010

Vagina Vagina Vagina

I have decreed that the following post is about marriage...if only because D$ is the one who sent me this article.

Yep. D$ sent me an article about tampons. Apparently, Kotex is "hoping to break down the stigmas and embarrassment surrounding feminine care products" in their marketing of a new product "U by Kotex."* However, they were informed by three different TV networks that they couldn't use the word "vagina" in their advertisements. When they substituted "down there" for "vagina" two of the three networks still rejected the ad.**

As a response (or maybe not as a response, but as a part of their general campaign), Kotex released the following video.

Now, I realize that this video, and the whole "U by Kotex" campaign, is really just another advertising shtick. And by talking about the ridiculousness surrounding feminine care products they are simply trying to tap into another market. (I can just see them, "But how do we get those damn frank-ass feminists to buy our products? How?). And they still aren't saying vagina. But. I really like that video.

Excuse my while I go put on my white spandex.

*By posting this, I am promoting something I really hate: the purposeful misspelling of words. Please note that I do not approve of the use of "U" for "you", or any other purposeful misspellings.
**I'm almost happy about this. Because, I mean, "Down there?" Really? How childish can you get, people?

WARNING: It might turn into vagina-week around here, so watch out. The fates have aligned to create a Vag-theme in my life this week and it is highly likely that I will be sharing it with you all. After I get around to the blog awards I have been neglecting, of course.


  1. Seriously? You can't say vagina on tv? That is just ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as 'down there.'
    Vagina week-bring it on!! Can't wait.

  2. And here I've been blaming the tampon companies for the ridiculous wording of their ads! That video was great -- thanks for posting it. I look forward to vagina week. I might even participate on my blog for a post!

  3. @Bookbag: YES! Let's spread Vagina week to the masses!


    I'll do it if you do it.

    And you know what really irks me? You can say Erection with the damn creepiest bedroom eyed stare while talking about Viagra, but God forbid if you say vagina. Like it's a dirty workd. Vaaagiiiinaahhhh. Lord.

    But this commercial made me laugh so loud.

  5. Not only that, but we have to listen to BOB DOLE talk about erections! Not cool.
    Don't worry - I have more vagina (and vulva, if we want to be correct about our terminology) themed posts coming soon.

  6. AHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh lord, the hubs and I laugh at tampon and 'feminine products' commercials all the damn time. He's always teasing me, 'So that's how you and your ladies bond eh? Running and twirling gracefully down the beach while pouring blue liquid onto your panties.' Fucking advertising house dickwads.

    Vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina. Lordy. I'ma have to invent a post this week just to participate in vagina week. And I dare you to see how many times you can work the word into ordinary conversation.