Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's go Ladyparts, Let's go!

You guys you guys you guys!

So, when I said "the fates have aligned to create a vag-theme in my life this week," what I really meant was "OMG I AM SO TOTALLY EXCITED TO GO OUT IN PUBLIC WEARING A VULVA ON MY SHIRT ON THURSDAY!"

Let me explain. One of the best things about being in policy school is that all of my school friends get geeky about the same stuff (You should have seen the Facebook status updates on Sunday night after the House passed the health care reform bill. Yes, I was up drinking wine and watching the Senate debate/vote. Wasn't that what everyone was doing? No?)*

Sometimes the policy-geekiness really pays off. For example, one of my friends from school is really active in the reproductive rights field here in the Twin Cities. She is also a beer-and-cheese-loving Wisconsinite with a penchant for cutthroat competition. And what do you get when you cross the Midwest with fundraising for reproductive rights?


Yea, you read that right. There is a pro-choice resource center here in the Twin Cities that is holding a "Pro-Choice Bowl-a-Thon" to raise money for their organization. Basically, you make a bowling team, try and get people to sponsor you in the weeks leading up to the event...and then you bowl. The event is historically fun and a wee bit crazy - there are always great team names and general shenanigans. When my friend got word of the event she signed us up for a team instantly. Then we had this conversation (basically):

Friend: So, you have to be on our bowling team to raise money for this pro-choice organization. Our team name is The Lady Parts.

MWK: What? Okay...

Friend: Oh, also we are getting pink t-shirts with a cartoon vagina (sssh. vulva) on them and each team member has to come up with a slang word for"lady part" that will be their nickname and go on the back of their shirt.**

MWK: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!

So, this Thursday, just in time for Vagina week, I will be sporting this lovely frock*** while bowling my way to greater reproductive freedoms for one and all:

(Cooter was my go-to term all through high school, although I have no idea why. It seemed fitting to use it for my shirt.)

Isn't she lovely?

Wish me luck!



*Sometimes I wish that I was a little less obvious in my political leanings on this blog, because I would like everyone who happens to read it to feel welcome and respected. But...I'm a policy student! I have opinions! However, if you happen to disagree with some of the political leanings that I not-so-subtly-allude to please know that you are still welcome around here. Unless you are a Tea Party person. Then you can F*%K off.
** I know, I know, technically this is counter to my goal to make people accept the word vagina. But! My male friends are going to be wearing t-shirts with vaginas on them that say things like "Bits and Pieces" on the back. That is too good.
*** We got the shirts this weekend, and I'm not gonna lie, I have been really excited to show them to you (and to reveal my Lady Part code-name).


  1. I.love.your.shirt.
    The bowl-a-thon sounds awesome! Yay for raising money for reproductive freedoms!

  2. That is awesome. Go Team Lady Parts!

    And here in the national Capital region there were plenty of kindred policy geeks up watching the debate/vote while sipping wine and occasionally heckling the TV. ;)

  3. Man, I love the Midwest. Bowling and beer solve so many problems out here. Go go Team Ladyparts!

  4. Check this out: http://www.loveyourvagina.com/index.php/index/static#


  5. @Cate Subrosa: Oh wow, that list of names is amazing. Holy Grail! Frangipane! The Dark Side of the Moon? MAP OF TASMANIA??
    love it. And am so glad you stopped by.

  6. I LOVE this! have fun!

    i kind of wish i was bowling with a vulva shirt on... though it would probably be awkward out of context.

  7. That shirt is great! The hospital I work at has this fitness compitition that all the departments formed teams for last year. I am in a ladyparts dept myself, and some of my coworkers were "Cervix Sisters" and "Menstrual Cyclists". Bowling seems like an appropriate sport. Somehow reminds me of ovulation.

  8. Bravo! You may also enjoy this article... http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/richard-adams-blog/2010/mar/16/tampon-vagina-kotex-advertising

    The video is hilarious.

  9. @Wifey Wiferson: Menstrual Cyclists! Love it.
    @thebluemuse: Yes, isn't it great? I think they may have made more, I'll keep looking.
    @theflyingdingo: Context, schmontext. Bowling in a vulva shirt is totally the new fashionable thing to do in 2010. Just tell them I said so.
    @everyone: Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you guys liked the shirt. We were a total hit. I'm hoping to get a photo of all of us in our shirts to post for you soon.

  10. Aw man, I'm late! But I still love it! Definitely pictures please :)

  11. I had to share this because I knew you would appreciate it- my friend and I were talking about the Vagina Monologues the other day, and she said that her elderly aunt called her ladyparts "Possible." A proper noun.

  12. Pics or it didn't happen. I love calling the lady bits the "Critter." ;)

  13. @Lauren: I do appreciate it. And LOVE it.
    @blind irish pirate: I know! I was a bad blogger and didn't bring my camera along but I did use my friends camera to take photos (with you all in mind of course). I am waiting for her to get them to me so I can share them.