Friday, April 23, 2010

I am sitting on my couch nursing my second terrible hang-over of the week. Big life changes + my basketball team in the playoffs = lots of bad alcohol- consumption decisions. So instead of working on my Master's paper I am wrapped in a blanket fantasizing about Diet Cherry Coke and warehouses full of Gatorade.

If anyone has a soda-delivery business, now would be the time to tell me about it. D$ had to go in to work and if I'm lucky he'll bring some sort of refreshing carbonated beverage home (thank god he just got saddlebags for the motorcycle).

I have lots to talk about but right now I am still squeezing the beer out of my brain-cockles. For now, check out these two things that made my morning slightly-less excruciating (when I could lift my head to look at them, that is).

This pretty much summed up my internet insecurities in a nutshell (right down to the SVU reruns).

Rich always knows how to please me with the ridiculous pop-culture mash-ups. This video of people doing things wrong on infomercials is no exception.

Note: in my preview the font appears to be a different color than normal...but I have no idea why and can NOT handle trying to figure that out right now. Maybe it is the laptop I am working on? I'm not sure if I ever posted from here. Welp, we'll see if it looks normal when I push "Publish Post." It will be a fun and useless surprise, like finding a Canadian dollar.


  1. Wow, that Jezebel post really killed me. Except for me it's Bones reruns. Otherwise = my feelings exactly.

  2. @Wifey Wiferson: well, my real love is NCIS reruns...but I woulnd't kick SVU out of bed for eating crackers, ifyouknowwhati'msayin'

  3. Oh, I know, especially if it was the seasons when Olivia had good haircuts and wore those sweaters....

  4. @Wifey Wiferson: Oh yea, Olivia is a stone-cold fox. This may not be *exactly* what you were paying attention to, but I really want those two little gold necklaces she wears all the time. I want 'em bad.