Saturday, April 3, 2010

I would like to make this very clear

To my friends who do not read this blog (because you don't know about it),

I would like to make something clear to you. I am a very busy person right now. Weekends are the busiest. On any given weekend I have to do homework, clean my apartment, go grocery shopping, handle piles of laundry, and apply for several jobs. Despite this, I will gladly carve out time to see you.

However, can we be straight about some things?

1) Please respect my time. If we make an agreement to meet at 1, don't text me at 11:30 and say "Actually I wanted to go to a class at the YWCA at 12:30 so I won't be ready until 2:15." Particularly don't do this when we were planning on doing something at 3:00 that we will no longer be able to do because of your gym class.

If we make plans to hang out on a Saturday night, do not say you will call me around dinner time with more details and then not call until 10:30 p.m. I am waiting around for you instead of doing homework or something productive, and it makes me mad. This brings me to...

2) I do not go to fancy clubs downtown. I do not pay an $8 cover just so I can drink $10 drinks and try to avoid grinding with a man in an Ed Hardy t-shirt. This is not because I am married and have suddenly become boring. I never did that. So when you call me and say "let's hang out" and then make it clear that you already have plans to go downtown to clubs and expect me to come along, I am sorta bummed out. When and if I come along (like tonight, whenever the hell you get ready go GO), it is because I feel bad that I never go out with you, even though the reason I never go out with you is because I hate where you go out and I honestly can't afford it.

I do not like telling you that I am poor and need to go to bed early so I can get up and be productive. I do not like being a stick in the mud. So I will go out with you to fancy clubs if that is what you want. But for the love of God be on time. And come to a fucking dive bar every once in a while.


  1. oops! Photo found by googling "Marlon Brando Angry." I tried to find "Paul Newman angry" but he just looked sexy in all his photos. The photo is from

  2. Well said. I have had this problem in the past so many times. It's really frustrating.

  3. Ugh, lateness.

    (Actually our friends who are *always* late arrived exactly on time today, literally on the dot. Impressed!)

  4. @Cate Subrosa: that happens? I am ever hopeful of that, and ever-burned for hoping. At least now I know that my dreams can come true.

  5. you just summed up my entire friday night in #2.