Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prettiness Interlude

While I'm waiting to get photos of Team Ladyparts' domination in the bowling lanes, I thought I'd share a little loveliness that I've been jonesing after. My sister's birthday is next week and I of course turned to Etsy for some help. The earrings on top are her present, Pacific Coast Sparrow earrings from LuxeDeluxe. They are actually from both D$ and I and he helped pick them. I showed him an array of earring choices and he said "Those are really cool. Yea - Those are really really cool! Get those!" This cute-ass button necklace was my second choice since my sister loves to sew and has her own Etsy shop making awesome aprons.

The second photo is something I found today - when I typed Etsy into my browser and hit enter it took me straight to EtsyWeddings, making me realize that I'd been neglected that fabulous site. Thank goodness for computers that remember where you've been.

These necklaces were featured on that site and JesusMaryandJosephIwantthemsobad. Unfortunately I don't have 40 extra dollars or a friend with a birthday coming up.

More things to lust after. You're welcome.


  1. Love the button necklace. And LuxeDeluxe, of course. I wore one of her bracelets at my wedding. :)

  2. Gah! I *need* that whale necklace.

  3. The button necklace is adorable!

  4. Those earrings! Gasp!!! *NEED* them in my life.

    Awesome present taste you two have.

  5. @everyone: Buy them! Then I can live vicariously through you. (agirl, I'm sure there are more earrings where those came from, I bet I didn't take the last pair...)

    Sometimes I don't know if I am thankful for Etsy or if it just turns me into a rampant consumption-machine.