Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle Ride

My plan to slow things down has been thwarted by the fact that my sister came into town on a whim. She demands a lot of attention, but she did help my get the living room put together and we found some great stuff at consignment shops. Other than that we mostly drank a lot and laughed hysterically while saying wildly inappropriate things. Then last night my best friend, also in town, came over for dinner and two other friends who were in town for the night stopped by for half an hour to eat blueberries and whipped cream and tell us how they got peed on by a drunk man at the wedding. All of this and I still had to get up at 5:00 a.m. for work.

So life is still hectic and I clearly haven't quite worked out the balance of alone time yet. But! My bike arrived from San Francisco a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting to ride it to and from my carpool. I am normally a very scaredy-cat bike rider, so this is a big deal for me. My brother (the San Francisco bicycle mechanic, but don't worry he is not a jerk) built me the bike and sent it up here. He also sent me pink and silver streamers for the handlebars and a bell because he is the best brother in the world. I took this picture today on my way home today - looking down at my little basket in the sun made for a very peaceful ride and a good end to the day. The streamers aren't on the handles yet or I would have included them in the photo, obvi.

Nothing else to report, except that I'm thinking of sending my shit in the mail to whoever wrote this article. You fuck with The Golden Girls (and/or the gays, for that matter) and I will fuck with you.


  1. I'm coming over next weekend. How much fun does liming with you sound?

    And? I'm the same re bicycles. (Except mine doesn't have streamers! Jealous.) And I'm back in a place where I can practically ride mine quite a lot, now. The most I've done is dry the seat out after we left it out in the rain for the last couple weeks (whoopsy!), and discover the tyres are flat. I plan to get up on it this weekend, though. Good times.

  2. awww yay for streamers and bells! and yay for being a scaredy-cat cyclist! i am too!!! haha! i am very proud of you!

    and yes, send the shit over. those joiks.