Monday, August 30, 2010

A pig in shit

Photo taken by my brother's friend on the 200+ mile bike race they just did (freaks).

Today D was offered, and accepted*, a job at the Large Corporation where he has been an intern all summer. The job starts in March, giving him just enough time to finish his PhD before he starts.

After a year of planning and hoping and trying not to hope - of fighting and crying and losing sleep and trying, trying not to hope - the limbo is officially over. D won't have to apply for postdocs again next year. I won't have to face the choice of my-job-and-living-apart or living-together-and-committing-career-suicide. We are in Portland to stay. With two full time jobs that include dental insurance.

Trust me, I know how incredibly fucking lucky we are. I know it and I can't believe it and I feel like I have to start being incredibly nice to everyone around me because Jesus Christ, how did we make this happen? Is this karma for D getting that job at the homeless shelter to impress me? Or for me pressuring him (before we even started dating, mind you) to get a job at the homeless shelter where I worked? Or are we just obnoxiously lucky jerks?

Whatever it is: THANK YOU. Thank you, dear universe, for doing us a solid.
I - we - will strive to deserve it.

*No, he didn't negotiate. I clearly have opinions on this, but I'm practicing counting my blessings and keeping my mouth shut.


  1. HURRAH!!! So happy for you guys. It's everything you deserve. :)

  2. Woohoo!!! What a blessing for both of you. Well done!

  3. i wanna do a lil happy dance for you. this is FREAKING FANTASTIC. you are lucky, blessed, and everything in between. great job!

    omg and 200 miles? it makes me want to puke for them.

  4. Ummm.....this is SO exciting and you both TOTALLY deserve it. I'm so happy for you. :)