Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blotto (or: post wedding sleep deprivation)

Photo from my very NOT smart phone

Holy Shit I am so tired. Got back to my apartment a while ago. Immediately took off all my clothes and laid down on the foot of my bed in front of the air conditioner and conked out for two hours. Now I am sort of awake and wondering how I will fill the time until I am allowed to go to bed again. (D$ is at a different wedding and won't get home until tomorrow.)

The wedding was amazing. I'm pretty sure I've never worn a prettier garment in my life than that sari*, and I'm including my wedding dress. The days leading up to the actual wedding were filled with other ceremonies, 12 trips to Walgreens, and approximately five hundred aunties and uncles hurrying to accomplish a largely incomprehensible number of tasks that were seemingly wedding related. I calculate that G spent about 30% of her time over the last few days changing outfits. To be clear, by "changing outfits" I mean that G stood in a room packed with aunties and cousins and was adorned (and unadorned, then re-adorned again) with layer upon layer of gorgeous fabric and jewelry. She endured haggling over every detail of her appearance. I was mostly in the way during outfit changes - I did dry G's hair once while the aunties got her dressed but I was pushed out of the way by an auntie who thought my diffuser was an inadequate drying tool (and wanted G's hair to be straight, anyway). Oh - I also re-painted her toe nails at the last minute because the tumeric that we rubbed on her feet to give her good luck totally ruined her pedicure.

The wedding night officially ended (for me)when I was woken up by a phone call at 4:30 a.m. telling me that the friend who crashed on the floor of my hotel room had slept-walked himself all over the hotel and awoken in a stairwell. Today began with my alarm failing and me waking up when I was supposed to be leaving the hotel for the airport. After throwing all my stuff in my suitcase (including that gorgeous sari that I will never be able to wear again) I checked out of my hotel room, although I declined to tell them that my sleep-walking friend was still asleep on the floor in the room. Here's hoping they didn't clean it early.

Now I am home - smelling terrible and looking worse. Which I guess is how you know that the wedding was a success.

* Pronounced Sare-ee, not Sah-ree. At least among the people I was with.


  1. Your friends and mine would totally be friends.

    And there's nothing lovelier than a full-on Hindu wedding. Those brides could teach us westeners a lot about patiently shutting the fuck up and letting our loved ones get on with the community aspect of birthing a new family.

    I'm totally biased, of course. Seeing as how I'm all for villages, and whatnot.

    And as far as I'm concerned, any vaguely dressy event is a perfect excuse to rock a gorgeous sari. Beautiful, lady.

  2. Gorgeous. I want to go to a wedding where I have to wear a sari.

  3. @agirl, yes you are right it was a Hindu wedding. And I cannot BELIEVE how patient G was. I was going insane just watching all the people fuss over her and she totally calmly accepted it. Her younger sister, who I adore, admitted to us that she doesn't think she will be able to handle it if/when she gets married, and will probably resort to pretending to have to poop all the time just to have some alone time.
    @Cate: I know! I felt so lucky to be able to wear it.

  4. You look beautiful in your sari! I'm with Cate, I would love to have an occasion that allows me to wear such a beautiful piece.