Monday, August 9, 2010

Be Jealous

So I spent most of Friday biting my nails and furiously refreshing APW's site while going back and forth between elation and anxiety. Turns out that putting things on the internet where people actually read them will distract a girl from her regularly scheduled duties.

Saturday we had several large pieces of furniture delivered and I tried to tell the deliverymen about my newfound fame as a person who had their wedding put up on APW, but I don't think they heard me through the grunting and swearing and wall-damaging. We then ate dinner at my grandparents house (please note that it was NOT Friday). There is no way in hell that I want my grandparents reading this blog (because then they would find out that I had talked about their sex life on the internet) so I had to shut up about how I am totally famous.

Clearly, my head is getting bigger and bigger, but luckily enough an event is coming along that should shake me out of my egotistical delirium. Want a hint?

That's right folks, G's* wedding weekend is upon us. There will be days of parties. I will get henna'd on my hands and feet and wear a sari in front of hundreds of people. I will eat Indian street food and southern comfort food in the same meal. I am hoping that I will figure how to dance in a Sari without exposing the entire bottom half of my body.**

I leave tomorrow morning, arriving in time to hang out with G and perhaps get some tables set up. Thursday the is ceremony to "make the bride and groom,"*** and then the Mehendi party where the ladies get decorated with henna and the men "drink beer and play pool." Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (plus some some one-on-one time with G to get our nails did). Saturday is the wedding.

So I'll be away for a bit, despite my urge to blog constantly in hopes of convincing some of you new visitors to stick around (don't leave me!).

Wish me luck? And, while you're at it, let's all wish G luck, too - she has had a hard few weeks and it is going to get crazier before it gets awesome.

P.S. Don't worry, when I get back I will totally get all "White Liberal American Who had an Ethnic Experience" on your asses. Get ready for black and white photos of babies with huge eyes.

*Hi, G! Um...hope it's cool that I had a super-secret blog that you found out about through APW...
**Poll: should I bring a slip to wear under my sari, or is that just totally lame?
***Actual description I got of this event: "It involves hanging out, lunch, and some other traditional Indian stuff."

images by the always amazing Punam Bean


  1. Oooh, the wedding sounds fun. Can't wait to see photos.

    Also, you've always been famous. It's just that more people know about it now. :)

  2. What analisems said. And the crazies will do that to a girl. ;)

    Also, did you get totally busted through APW? I knew I had good reason to be paranoid!!!

    Have an awesome time!

  3. Hi, I'm a new reader. I'll stick around until you get back.

  4. Dude. She reads APW? Can you force her to be a wedding graduate do you think? I'LL MAIL YOU COOKIES. Ok, scratch cookies. Like I have time. I'll mail you Whisky. Ahhh. That sounds more like me.

  5. @agirl: totally busted through APW. But I sorta expected that and was okay with it.
    @analisems:the auntie who dressed me was totally ready with a box of safety pins
    @Sarah: Hi! Welcome! Have a drink!
    @Meg: I really wish mailing whiskey wasn't illegal. Don't worry, G and I talked a long time ago about how she should write a post. She did that whole "but my wedding wasn't practical because my parents/community went crazy" and "but we got married in a lame convenction center." I told her to STFU and write a post already! I mean, there are photos of her in her Sari and her (white) hubby in his Navy uniform! The internet needs them.

  6. Aren't Indian weddings the best? I was so psyched to wear a sari, jingly bits, and flowers in my hair. It was grand.