Monday, October 12, 2009

Conversations at our house, Take 2

Okay, so this wasn't actually a conversation that took place at our house (someone please shoot me if D and I start g-chatting while we are in the same room). This is a g-chat from work last week:

: It's perfectly reasonable to bomb the moon is what I"m telling you
3:49 PM
3:50 PM
MWK: so "lunar impacts" = bombing the moon?
D$: Well, let's see.
3:51 PM It is currently travelling at 2668 mph
and is 57,000 km out
3:56 PM D$: assuming it's now just falling toward the moon, it should end up going about 4,000 mph
MWK: what does this have to do with whether or not it constitutes bombing?
3:57 PM D$: well, hang on
I have to find out how much it weighs
ahh, 5000 lbs
3:58 PM OK
3:59 PM so, it turns out to be almost exactly the same energy as a TON of TNT

MWK: in other news: the Christina Aguilera channel on Pandora is totally awesome.

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