Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taking a short break

My Dad and Step-mom are coming into town this weekend (actually my Dad is already here. He spent the night last night and is working from our apartment today) so I won't be posting until at least Monday. I will be too busy eating at restaurants I normally can't afford and trying not to feel silly about the fact that I am 26 years old and still want my parents to take me shopping.

So to the approximately four of you reading: don't go! I'll be back!

On another topic: last night was the first night that my dad met the kitties, and he looooves them.

Also: when I first wrote this post I wrote my age wrong and didn't realize it for a full ten minutes.


  1. I wrote my age wrong on my marriage certificate. Don't feel bad!

  2. Oh that makes me feel better! When we went to turn in our marriage certificate the clerk said, "Well, there are a few things missing..." and my heart about stopped. Luckily we worked it out.