Monday, October 12, 2009

Made for Walkin'

The weekend with the parents was really nice- sometimes it is nice to be a daughter, you know? Both my dad and step-mom stayed in our apartment with us and it actually turned out really great. This was our first time hosting anyone as a married couple, and the definite first time having one of our parents stay with us, and I was nervous. Nervous that our place is too small, mostly, since it is a glorified studio with bedroom walls. We did have to re-do D and I's makeshift couch-bed in the living room each morning in order to have a place to sit, but it was actually fine. D made us breakfast every day and the four of us got to spend a lot of time drinking coffee in our PJs that wouldn't have happened if my parents had stayed in a hotel. And, my step-mom spontaneously said the apartment was "really homey," which is basically all I have ever wanted anyone to think.

But the real news is: I got the best early birthday present EVER. I have been drooling over Frye boots for a while now and inventing ways in which I could afford them (I don't need to pay grad school fees, right?) but I sort of thought that I would never actually get them. But, as it turns out my dad did take me shopping, in a huge way.

And just look at'em: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

Frye's Carson Pull-On Boot

Maybe now I'll remember how old I am.

I'll spare you the tale of my guilt over the price tag because my Dad really did seem keen to get me something nice for my birthday and kept saying that he was saving money by staying at our house. Let's just say that my guilt is totally overwhelmed by my glee at getting to wear these bad boys around town. I was so excited that I bought two different kinds of leather protector, did internet research to find out which one to use, and have decided to use them both.

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