Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh, and?

My step-dad got laid off yesterday. From a company he has worked for for over 40 years. 9 months before he is eligible for full retirement.


Project Good Attitude is putting me through the ringer this week.

The good news is that my step-dad hated his job and it is clear that the company is becoming more and more evil and incompetent, so it is probably good for is soul to get away from them anyway. And if my parents stick to a budget they will be okay.

As my mom just said on the phone to me, "Well, as soon as we can stop feeling like we've been fucked in the ass when we weren't in the mood for it, I think we'll be okay."*

I'm off to gorge myself on homemade chocolate chip cookies and wine.**I promise not to be such a Bad News Betty Sad Sack next week. No more sympathy baiting from me, I promise. I may even write a post that is about marriage (will wonders never cease).

*Clearly, I get my tact from my mother
**Homemade by ME! I cooked twice this week y'all. Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup and cookies.
***Image from here.


  1. I love that your mother said fucked in the ass.

  2. Your mom is awesome.

    Next week can only get better. Right?

  3. Good luck to your parents. My dad quit his teaching job a few years before he would have had a comfortable retirement. Now he's thinking of spending part of the year in Costa Rica to save money. Adventures are possible, even on a budget!

  4. @blind irish pirate & agirl: Yes, my mom is fairly awesome, and definitely know for her colorful language.
    @Jennifer: "Adventures are possible, even on a budget!" I love it, and you are right.

  5. Also: Clearly my "attention to detail" skills and my "improve blogging skills" resolutions aren't working out, because I the font was bigger on that post for reasons unbeknownst to me. Grr.

  6. THE font. Not I the font. fortheloveofgod.