Friday, January 8, 2010

A terrible Christmas mistake!

Okay, not really.

But the thing is, I am terrible at buying D$ presents. Mostly because he desires complicated electronics that I cannot afford, or awesome kitchen stuff that I feel bad buying as gifts because they really benefit me just as much as him. And I've already bought him a pastry cutter and a stick blender as presents and one can only get so much kitchen equipment as presents. I've also-exhausted the list of physics-related paraphanelia out there (D$ is the proud owner of a hammer-and-sickle-adorned "PHYSICS!" apron, and a Joseph LeGrange clock).

So I capitulated to convenience. D$' s whole family swears by Amazon Wish Lists (he says this is so they don't have to talk to each other. Which is sorta true). And since I was low on money and motivation I got him something off his wish list, but for some dumb reason Amazon didn't take it off the list and his mom got him the exact same present! That's right folks, we haven't even been married a year and I am buying him the same stuff that is mom is buying him. Please pray for us.his mom got him the exact same present! That's right folks, we haven't even been married a year and I am buying him the same stuff that is mom is buying him. Please pray for us.

That isn't even the terrible mistake, though. The present is actually okay. What I got him has a little something to do with this:

That's right: The New Super Mario Brothers for Wii. I don't generally give two craps about video games, but I have logged many an hour watching my siblings play Super Mario Bros. And due to it's general cuteness and total lack of prostitute-killing or semi-automatic weapons, I am sort of a fan. I don't mind watching other people play, and can even be convinced to play every once in a while. (Full Disclosure: I also have an unhealthy love of the sound that is made when Mario goes down a tube. And I secretly want a Yoshi that I can ride around town).

So the video game isn't the terrible mistake. The terrible mistake is that I didn't get him THIS:

ROCK BAND FOR Wii! Guys, how am I the last to know about how rad this game is? Why didn't anyone tell me? I know, I know, I am about a hundred years behind. I mean, sure, I heard about it, but I didn't really think very much about it. Because, as I said, I don't care about video games. But this has a DRUM SET! THAT I CAN HIT! How did I not know?

Needless to say: a friend of ours recently aquired Rock Band and had us over to play, and I realized that if I had this game I could live out all of my Janet Weiss fantasies ANYTIME I WANT. That, and, you know, actually play a game with D$ that doesn't involve pegging* or domino tiles.

So the drum set might not fit in our living room, so what? So I have tuition to pay for, so what? I'm officially saving money for this baby, as of now. Either that or a real drum pad.

Images from here and here.

*Is pegging something dirty? Did I accidentally just say something really dirty? It sounds like it might secretly mean something dirty. Just in case: I am talking about CRIBBAGE here, people.


  1. I'm not a videogame person but Mario Kart is also quite fun. And Rock Band really, well, rocks! Sorry, couldn't pass up the pun. :)

  2. Aww Mario!!!!

    I have only ever played a Super Mario video/computer game. Wii? WTF is that?

    (So that you have it. I AM a living dinosaur. But? I did once date a guy just for his drum set. Teehee.)

    And once you don't start buying his underwear, I think you're fine.

  3. Um. Wii is a...system? For playing video games? On the TV? Basically is is a game Consule like Playstation, but it is made by Nintendo. (I had to ask D$ for the specs, if you're a dinosaur I'm a Great Woolly Mammoth).

  4. lololol, I was quite thrown by the pegging mention, I thought this wasn't quite that kind of blog. :)

  5. I knew it! After I wrote that a vague memory of it being a sex act dawned on me (aaaand I just asked D$ too look it up for me. oh my!) Oh well, just keeping you guys on your toes. While I'm at it I should also clarify: My Janet Weiss fantasies refer to pretending to be the drummer from Sleater-Kinney, and have nothing to do with the Rocky Horror Picture show. Although I DID like that movie a lot when I was in middle school...