Thursday, January 7, 2010


A brief list of things things I hate about not being on vacation anymore:
  1. Writing Cover Letters
  2. Having to be nice to D$ when he edits said cover letters
  3. Not being able to drink in the middle of the day.
  4. Cat hair. EVERYWHERE.
  5. Consistently failing to get up on time to exercise and then feeling guilty all day
  6. More guilt, based on the fact that it is 11:26 a.m. on the SECOND day I am supposed to be working, and I have yet to do any work, preferring instead to read blogs, pretend to write cover letters, and internet-shop.
  7. Realizing what an arse I am for being ungrateful about a job that allows me to work at home, in my PJs, with my husband (who I am currently annoyed at for editing my cover letters, which is totally unfair because he is doing so out of kindness. A fact that renders me even MORE of an arse-head).


  1. Ah. I don't really know you but I just have to say that I want you as my new best friend.

    That was just the perfect summary for those random, sucky days I seem to have far too frequently.

    I recommend not just internet-shoppping, but internet BUYING. Go on. It'll make you feel better. Guilty later, no doubt, but better. :)

  2. Oh God. Daytime drinking is just HEAVENLY.

  3. You ladies are making the day suck FAR less. But you are also making that bottle of cheap wine on top of the fridge look more and more attractive. No, MWK! Bad! Must...write...fact sheet...