Sunday, September 19, 2010


Image via (you KNOW my couch is cuter than that)

I was completely useless this weekend. It felt so good.

I would like to state for the record that there is nothing wrong with going to a really early dinner and then coming home to watch 6-7 episodes of True Blood without stopping. This is perfectly acceptable Friday Night Behavior and does not make one (and/or one's husband) lame at all.


  1. Hm, parallel lives...
    I'm back on 3rd shift, so I'm trying something new where I just "stay" on 3rd instead of trying to go back to days on weekends. What results is that I sleep waaaaaay too much. And then I watch waaaaay too much Dexter. Not lame at all.
    LOVE your kitty. Catloaf.

  2. It sounds like paradise to me. :) My husband and I are going as Hoyt and Jessica from True Blood for Halloween. True Blood rules!

  3. Sounds PERFECT.

    I miss True Blood. Desperately. Argh.

  4. I just don't get True Blood, to be honest.