Saturday, September 4, 2010

A little advice from D$

Listen. If you are ever kidnapped by an evil man who collects rare objects, and you happen to be kidnapped alongside an android with lightning-quick reflexes, and you use the number of the collector's safe, that you have memorized. to steal the collectors illegally-obtained body-destroying gun so that you and the android with the lighting-quick reflexes can try to escape...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GIVE THE BODY-DESTROYING WEAPON TO THE ANDROID WITH THE LIGHTING-QUICK REFLEXES.

You all can thank me for this advice later.


  1. I need help drawing the connection between this anecdote/advice and the reality of my being cool enough to be kidnapped with Data. I'm just sayin'. Otherwise, dually noted.

  2. I love your husband more than a little bit for this.

  3. AH! JL just made me watch all 5 Star Trek movies. Classic.