Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet Uncle Fester

Name: Uncle Fester

Genesis of name:
  1. Immediately shat on self upon arrival at the MWK household (see "skills," below)
  2. Is fatter of the two cats
  3. Would probably look good with a bald head

Skills: Standing on one leg to poop:

  1. Laser light shows
  2. Getting on highest apparatus in room and staring creepily into space
  3. Women's hair products

Perversion of choice:


  1. This video is almost making me regret the request for more kittens on the blog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  2. @Lauren: oh no! Why? Because it is so creepy? Sad...
    @Wool and Misc: Thanks!

  3. Do we get to know the origin of Uncle Fester's name?

  4. @blind irish pirate: the two boys are brothers and we named them after the Addams Brothers from The Addams Family movies (which are some of my favorite movies ever). I suggested it as a joke and we said "we can't name a cat Uncle Fester!" but then none of the other names we came up with stuck and Uncle Fester and Gomez they became.

  5. @MWK- no worries, it weirds me out in the best possible way ;) Your cat bios make me think that my cat is totally lame!

  6. Uncle Fester WINS.

    Also, he and Illa were totally meant to be together. That whole shitting on self/standing on one leg to use the litter tray business? The same! They even look similar.

  7. @agirl: seriously, another cat DOES THAT? that is amazing. We should arrange a playdate.

  8. bahahaah LOVE! one leg! bahahah!