Friday, September 10, 2010

View from the Fremont Bridge

It is 12:45 in the afternoon on a Friday. I throw on a skirt and top, haul my bag over my shoulder and kiss D$ goodbye.

Outside it is 85 degrees with no humidity. I slip the mix CD C made me in college into the stereo. As I pull out of the parking spot the first song comes on, a song I had almost forgotten about, and a smile breaks across my face. I speed down the street, fingers drumming the steering wheel and head bopping. The sunroof is open and the windows are down.

I have no responsibilities today, nothing I have to do. As the car crests the Fremont Bridge I see Portland in all her splendor glitter below me on the banks of the Willamette River. I yell out loud with the sheer joy of this moment, of this drive, of this view.

I am out on my own in my city on my day off.


  1. Green-eyed monsters are watching you from the desert. (That sounds way too scary.) I live in Phoenix at the moment and I know exactly where you were driving and I am SO jealous! Enjoy that beautiful, cool city for me!

  2. i agree with bluemuse - JEALOUS!

    enjoy the beautiful day!

  3. Beautiful. Moments like these are what life is worth living for. I trust that your life is full up of them.

  4. The freemont bridge is THE best bridge. You can just go so FAST.