Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick update

Ricardo is adorable and small and unironically wears normal, run of the mill sweatpants. You know, like the kind your dorky best guy friend wore for a year too long in middle school. I think I might like him.

The manager didn't do much for me - I ended up getting $50 off the fees but for some reason she made me work with the same Dishonest Sales Guy to do that. This was lame because I was trying to be super conflict avoidance-y with him but probably also good for my general need to Grow a Pair.*

The only other thing that happened was that I began to fully understand that I look really different when I am in my workout clothes. As in: I am not one of those people who can wear a workout outfit and still be considered as a sexual entity. Every time I go to the gym I am (duh) wearing my standard workout gear: baggy soccer/lacrosse shorts and a baggy t-shirt, with my hair up and a workout headband holding my bangs back. Up until now I guess I knew it wasn't cute, but I didn't think it turned me into wallpaper.**

Then I went back to the gym to sign my new (sans fees) paperwork...and I happened to be dressed for happy hour. I was wearing dark denim skinny jeans tucked into the boots and a black sorta flowy t-shirt thing. My hair was down and curly and I had make-up on. As I walked into the gym one random fitness-employee-man (lets call them f-e-ms) basically fell over himself asking me if I was a member. Then as I waited in the lobby he and another f-e-m sorta milled around a lot being very obvious about scoping my shit. THEN when Dishonest Sales Guy came out to find me he didn't recognize me and when I went up to him the first thing he said was, "You look so...different!" The whole time we were writing up the new contract the two f-e-ms continued to mill around and stare at me. As I was leaving, Dishonest Salesman commented again on how different I looked. All I could say was, "'s amazing how much difference a shower makes."

I mean, WHAT? I should probably be offended or insulted or something - why in the world was he talking about how I look at all? Mostly, though, I am simultaneously a) amused at the intense confirmation of how not cute my workout attire is*** is and b) bizarrely flattered that fitness dudes think I am hot. Sorry, feminism.

*Of ovaries, as my mother would say.
**Also, I am there to EXERCISE. What else would I wear?
***I went home and told D all about it. He laughed fairly hard and said, (lovingly), " really don't make an effort to look cute when you are working out. " He of course agrees that trying to look cute when exercising is totally stupid.


  1. YES!! Grow a pair of ovaries. Everyone thinks it is the weirdest thing to say, because, who would want ovaries?

    And, I really have a hard time not feeling mannish in my running gear... or work clothes, for that matter. Big, baggy, functional. So when boys cat call when I'm running or even out just walking... I get really disturbed. But that is just me, and I'd rather some guy oogle than cat call.

  2. I deliberately try to look invisible when working out. I don't want anyone to notice how deeply unfit I am. I'm not surprised by the attention when you were all scrubbed up though. ;)

    Of course ovaries. What else?

  3. you're such a girl. you were offended and flattered at the same time.

    i'm such girl. i would have felt the exact.same.way.

    and w00t for having fitness men thinking you're hott. (two t's)

  4. I would totally be offended and flattered at the same time. And my face would turn bright red.

    I do have to admit though, I have a weakness for cute workout clothes. Only because I have a deep love for spandex. Also sometimes wearing a new item makes exercise more enjoyable.

    Also - my definition of cute workout clothes does not equal anything short and/or midriff bearing. Mostly capris. Or new socks.

  5. @agirl: yes, I WANT to blend in when I am working out - no desire whatsoever to be noticed. It was just funny to have such an intense confirmation of what I good job I did of being unnoticed.
    @DTL: the socks totally make the outfit, duh.
    @Blind Irish Pirate and Shanner of Attention: I think i have desensitized to the oggling/catcalling thing a little, probably more than I should be. Comes from living in a country where people (including women and children) regularly shouted to me about how big my butt was in a foreign language.

  6. First let me say that I'm glad everything is looking as though it's going to work out with Ricardo. Also, I totally know the EXACT sweatpants that you are talking about.

    I was laughing about your wanting to be "super conflict avoidance-y" because I try to do exactly that all the time and it usually never works out. Either I end up being too passive and get screwed and then later cry about it to J-Dogg or I end up getting super frustrated and pissed and being a bitch and then, well, cry about it to J-Dogg. Mostly I never end up getting what I want because I can't figure out how the HELL to balance being nice and being assertive. So I always end up expressing some extreme of one or the other that is stupid.

    ANYWAY, let me also say: of course the FEMS thought you were totally hot. Having seen you many times in real life, I can confirm that your hotness is, actually, a fact, and should not be surprising when it is noticed. And of course we all look like shit when we are working out. I always read those articles in women's magazines that try to convince me that I'll feel more fit if I dress up when I go to the gym which is actually only true for about the first 49 seconds until I am covered with sweat and my hair falls out of my ponytail and my ass is jiggling around on the eliptical. This is most likely a problem that will never go away.