Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Alone

On Sunday, D$ left for a month-long road trip. He drove to Minnesota to prepare for and defend his dissertation (!!!) and then is driving South to visit family in several places, then across to Cali and back up home to me.

We've spent a lot of time apart during our relationship so this month doesn't bother me too much. If anything, I am glad to have some time to myself after almost a month straight of people staying with us. The goodbye is worse than absence -  we've barely spoken since he left since we've both been busy, and that's sorta how we roll when on different sides of the country. I will say that D$ is usually more upset when we are apart then I and this time was no exception - the night before he left he was all morose and adorable while I was all-business and trying to get the car packed.

Don't get me wrong, I will miss him. I've had a particularly shitty week and  spent all day being bummed that he wouldn't be home when I got back from work. Plus, I have to figure out how to feed myself for an entire month and am solely responsible for all kitty-litter, dishes, and other cleaning. But there are definitely upsides, not the least being that I get to sleep with the covers tucked in exactly the way I like for an entire month.* I have also told myself that I will go to the gym a lot and get lots of errands done.**

At the very least he will not be there to make fun of me when I'm porky piggin' it around the house.

* The night before he as we were getting into bed a look of glee came over my face as I realized this. I breathlessly told him, "You know what I'm going to do tomorrow? Wash the sheets and tuck them in JUST THE WAY I LIKE. He was not happy that that was my main feeling about his departure. 
**I am already behind on the list of things. I didn't make it one day. 


  1. This makes me feel a bit better. I'm really gonna miss my Mr. while he's gone this winter, but I've been getting kinda excited about all the little "bachelorette" habits I'm planning to bring back in his absence. Like eating nothing but a baguette and a tomato for dinner, pedicures in the living room while watching all my girly shows, and falling asleep on the couch...with the dog. I'm gonna miss him...and make the most of it. Thanks for the inspiration, MWK!

  2. lol. now I want to porky pig it!

    enjoy your alone time!

  3. Love it.

    I too, generally cope much better with this whole us living apart business. Or at least, I am always the one who is more 'Chin up! It'll all be OK!' about it, while the Boy gets much more morose. My coping skills are probably a lot less healthy than his long term though, so, we'll see how it all works out in the end!

  4. I am so incredibly jealous that you get your house to yourself for a whole month. Jeff never leaves. Like, not even for dinner with friends. EVER. Sometimes I'm all " could you go away for a while so I could miss you?"

    I am not sure if this makes me a bad person. Jury is out, I guess!

    PS- My verification word was "proper." Ha ha.

  5. @Jessica: Oh yes, i think focusing on the single-girl stuff you get to do is the best. The other night I met some friends for a movie and they were late...i was there for myself for a while and realized, "hey! I could go to movies by myself! This is sorta fun!"
    @Shanner: DO IT.
    @agirl: Yea..sometimes I feel that he deals better since he actually has emotions about it, while I just turn into a robot without feelings when big stuff happens. You win some, you lose some.
    @Lauren: you should totally send him on a trip for a while! Doesn't he have any friends he needs to visit for his birthday?

  6. Going to the movies alone can be so fun and refreshing. I like your image of porky piggin' it up. I am so stealing your phrase. :)