Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rules for being Home Alone, Part 2

(Apparently I skipped right past Part 2 in this series, so I'm going back and adding in 2 now. That's right, I don't need your "chronology" or your "proper order." I'm a free woman.)

  1. Pay attention to the kitties. If you do not pay attention to the kitties they will yowl for an hour and half while you try to fall asleep. Then they will wake you up by puking on your bed. Twice.

  2. (Related to 1) Do not kill the kitties. If you kill the kitties your husband will not love you anymore and you will go to jail.

I've been repeating number 2 more as a mantra than a rule...


  1. I feel the pet rules, MWK. Gracie (the pooch) has whined a lot more since the Mr. left. She is not pleased with the reduction in the average minutes of petting she receives in a week and she makes her displeasure known. ;)

  2. My one kitty's favorite puking place is our bed.

    It is always a joyous discovery.